When most businesses hear the term ‘Long tail keywords’, they don’t have much of an idea what that means. They probably just think that it’s another geeky SEO term that they don’t need to worry about, because they are simply running their business.

Well, why not take some time to explain in further detail what a long tail keyword actually is! For those of you yawning right now, we sincerely apologize for the boring rant that you are about to look at.

A long tail keyword is essentially something that contains at least three words, and you would type into a Google search bar. Some SEO experts say that a long tail keyword is actually two or more words, but we’re not going to get into a semantic SEO argument here. We’re just going to break it down by looking at short tail and long tail keywords.

SO – a short tail keyword, at least in Search Engine Optimization terms, would for example be ‘windows’ if you are looking for either home windows or Microsoft windows for your computer. Another example would be ‘carpet’, if someone is looking for a carpet installation dealer.

Now, both of those terms might yield even the mighty Google some confusion, so that is where we get into the long tail keyword discussion. If you are looking for home windows, you may type in ‘Home Window Installation’, which would give Google or any other search engine a much more clear objective in finding a local window installation expert for you to call. Conversely, if you were looking for a ‘Microsoft Windows Expert’, you would easily find one if you typed that in.

So, as you can see, the directive that a search engine is given is much more succinct when it looks at a long tail keyword that you have typed in.

Why are Long Tail Keywords Important?

There are a few reasons why understanding the difference between short tail keywords and long tail keywords is important. And this is where it’s important for you, the local business owner.

When a typical consumer is typing in a short tail keyword, they are more often than not trying to find someone that they are going to buy from. But if they are typing in ‘Carpet Cleaner’, they are simply trying to find a carpet cleaner that can do one job and one job only – clean their carpets.

This is where the long tail keywords come into play, and why you should be paying attention.

Say you have a consumer that types in ‘roof installation for commercial buildings’. That is a very good long tail keyword, and one that has a lot of intent behind it. The consumer behind the keyboard is looking for a very specific skillset, and one that only a few people, or companies can offer.

But the problem is that most roofing companies or SEO companies don’t think that the consumers are typing in that keyword that they will leave it out of their keyword strategy.

And that my friends is where the problem lies. Not a lot of people have thought about the fact that if someone is looking for a commercial roofing expert, that they will type in potentially a few different phrases before they land on the company that they are going to do business with.

So, what does that tell you?

Well, it tells me that I need to maximize my chances at making sure that the consumer lands on my site when they are looking for a service that can potentially cost them tens of thousands of dollars.

You would want to convert that lead right?

Well, along with https://www.barefootweb.co.uk/, we here at Schure Consulting want to further convey how important long tail keywords truly are.

Although buyers won’t be typing the long tail phrases into Google as much as the short tail ones, they long tail keyword searches will convert into buyers at a higher rate because of the intent the buyer has.

Psychologically, when a buyer is looking for a service and has decided on exactly what they need, they will search with more keywords.

SEO Company in Fort Collins

You see, most SEO companies in Fort Collins only optimize for up to about 5 keywords, instead of truly researching more keywords to get into their content and into the link building plan.

We made a video on the matter, which you can see here: Long Tail Keywords for your Website

You can see how one of our clients has been able to reap the rewards of ranking for over 200 long tail keywords, and this is for a very hyper niche service in a small location.

Think about what would happen if this were a bigger city, and a service like legal or law firms which can have up to 10,000 long tail keyword phrases.

So I guess this begs the question. Do you want your ideal buyer to land on your website?

You’re most certainly answering ‘Yes’, and you would want more information.

Well, we can chat further about how we can help you, so simply give us a call at 970-305-5940.

We love talking about how much your phone can ring if you have the right long tail keyword phrases embedded somewhere in your website.

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