Fort Collins Small Business Digital Marketing

Are you Running your Small Business and trying to be its own Website SEO Expert at the same time? How’s that working out for you?

If you didn’t know, Small Business Marketing isn’t an easy thing to do if you’re a Business Owner. You’re most likely busy keeping up with all of your customers, overwhelmed with all of the paperwork piling up, trying to stay on top of your expenses while simultaneously entering everything into QuickBooks, amongst other things. And to throw the cherry on top, you are trying to find time to learn how to put up your own Website to gain some business from the Online Marketplace!

Instead of beating your head against the wall with another responsibility, why don’t you hand the reigns of your Fort Collins Small Business to Schure Consulting? You might be able to put up a simple, basic website, but how many listings do you have on the First page of Google? Are you taking advantage of every single opportunity to get your business in front of the people that matter the most: your customers?

We take a very pragmatic approach to what we do. As your Website SEO Expert, we will make sure that your Local Marketing Efforts are guided, well positioned, and ready to take over the local marketplace.

Want to know more about our Internet Marketing Process? Here’s a glimpse of what we can help with:

  1. We will build a Website for your Local Small Business, complete with Unique Content, Keywords to push you closer to Conversion, all while making sure your site is compatible with the latest mobile technology (after all, more and more people search the internet from their phones and tablets).
  2. The importance of the Google, Yahoo, and Bing Map listings cannot be emphasized enough, and one of our main goals will be to make your website visible in each and every one of these Map Searches.
  3. Is your Local Business legitimate in the eyes of the Web? It’s important that your business information is cited on the web in as many online directories as possible. Otherwise, you may not be found when a prospective Customer types in your #1 Keyword! We are keenly aware of the consequence of a business failing to do this, so don’t worry, it’s on the top of our list.
  4. Paid advertising. Though we are confident your online business growth can skyrocket without paying for advertising, Google Advertising can be a key piece of the SEO puzzle, if managed properly. Many Small Business Owners blindly pump large amounts of cash into online advertising without the necessary research or due diligence. We can either guide you through this process, or oversee it for you.
  5. ​Lastly, are you aware what a Backlink is, and the gravity it holds in the eyes of Google? We will work diligently to get the right Backlinks for your page, so your site’s SEO engine is running on all cylinders.