Case Study for NexGen Home Interiors

Let’s talk about what matters: RESULTS.

Is your website driving leads to you? If it isn’t, then what is it for? Business is not a beauty pageant – at least, YOUR business isn’t. You want your website to generate leads that you can convert into cash. So how do you accomplish this?

Check out this Case Study of our Window Replacement client in Fort Collins. We built this site in March of 2016. By September it was ranking in the top 5 for most relevant keywords in the windows industry. What kind of effect did this have?

Our Case Study

​Within 6 months we were able to create and establish a windows & doors website that ranked #1 on Google for all relevant search terms for window and door replacement in the extremely competetive market of Fort Collins, CO.

Using a three month sample size, Fort Collins Windows & Doors has generated more than 50 qualified leads. Nex-Gen Home Exteriors has closed more than $100K in business on these leads including $60K in the month of November alone.

By November, the website alone was generating more than 30 NEW LEADS each month. Look at the real business that was generated in a single month and the potential in the pipeline – all from ranking on Google.

Now that’s how you drive results through SEO.

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