Perhaps Citations should just be explained as ‘Directory Listings’, which would help business owners to know what they actually are.

A citation is essentially just that. A directory listing. Each time your businesses Name, Address, and Phone Number is listed online is considered a citation. 

The more citations you have, the better. But not all citations are actually equal. Confused yet?

Most citations are on places like or or places like that. Kind of like online phone books, but there are a gazillion places where you can list your website online.

Citations, just like backlinks, are something that no average marketer should just throw out there willy-nilly. These need to be researched to make sure that if there is a niche directory that you can be listed on that will dramatically boost your businesses visibility, that it happens.

Citations are one of the first things that should be implemented in an overall SEO plan, but should also be added to continuously.

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