3 Things Your Business Can Do to Increase Online Presence

We know that you are busy working within your business, but we thought we would share three quick things you can do to Boost your Web Presence:

  1. Get more Reviews. Think about it. When you are searching for a service, and you see bad review ratings, you are less likely to call or use that specific company.
  2. Create more website content. Keyword relevant content. Don’t know what that really means? Think about your service. That’s a keyword. Think about your secondary service. That’s a keyword. More of those keywords in your website equals Google liking you more.
  3. Make your website mobile friendly. If you haven’t done this – it’s a must have for any business owner. A site that’s not mobile responsive actually gets penalized by Google. That, and user’s on-site time tends to be low, meaning your chance at a lead are low also.

There, pure value for you to think about. If you want to discuss more of how we can help you get more customers and stay ranked and relevant for the long haul, Click Here to Contact Us.