Website Design for Gutter Companies

It’s hard enough to get your gutter company to rank on Google. But once your potential customers land on your website, you need to convert them into real leads. This starts with a professional website, both in design and user experience.

There is a lot of different advice out there online about creating a website, but it can be difficult to find advice that can specifically help in converting leads on a gutter business website. Schure Consulting has helped multiple gutter companies not only rank in their area with gutter SEO, but also design websites with the aim of increasing revenue and conversions.

Having a professional and high-quality gutter website with modern design and high definition images is certainly important for your brand. However, we will focus on specific tips here that are often overlooked, and are really easy ways to improve lead conversion for your gutter business.

Mobile Optimized Gutter Websites

The reality of the internet these days is that more and more people are searching using just their phones, and you better believe that Google knows this. The ranking algorithm on Google has become increasingly conscious about serving only mobile-optimized gutter websites to customers searching on their phones.

What this means for you as a gutter company is that you need to cover a few bases to get ranked on Google and convert customers on their phones.

  1. Have separate mobile and desktop versions of each page. The mobile version of each page should have more optimized images, less videos, scripts, and load much quicker. Some common website platforms do this automatically, but many times you will have to do this yourself.
  2. Mobile headers and footers. A header on mobile should have a collapsed menu, a click (or tap) to call, and take up as little real estate on-screen as possible.

Calls to Action for Gutter Businesses

A good majority of your customers aren’t on your website to sit there for 20 minutes reading about your company and different gutter services. This is simply the reality of online consumers these days, and you need to make sure your website caters to this otherwise you will lose a lot of customers.

Every single page a customer could land on from a gutter search in Google or from email/ad campaigns needs to have multiple “calls to action” to make it quick and easy for them to contact you for a gutter quote. Calls to action might include:

  • A prominent and clickable phone number
  • A clickable email address
  • A form entry with name, address, and phone number
  • A “Get a Quote” button that links to lead capture

The easier you make it for a customer to get ahold of you, the more likely they are to contact and request a gutter quote from you. Try to have at minimum two calls to action on every page, and probably at least three on your home page and landing pages.

Relevant Website Content for Gutter Companies

We have a saying when building SEO for gutter companies (and all home service companies, really) – that content is king. For a gutter company, this means that you need content that clearly states and explains the gutter services that you provide, while also utilizing gutter keywords in the content and heading tags.

It’s good practice to have a “Services” page with sub-pages for Gutter Replacement, Gutter Repair, and Gutter Installation. You should also create pages for any additional services you offer, such as Gutter Cleaning, Fascia Repair, or Roof Repair (for example).

You can read more about creating relevant gutter website content here.

Building Better Gutter Business Websites

Schure Consulting would be happy to provide your gutter company with a FREE Website Audit & Analysis! We have helped multiple gutter companies improve their lead generation online, and build websites that rank on Google and convert customers. Contact us if you need help or direction marketing your gutter business online!