Social Media Marketing for Gutter Companies

For most home contractor businesses, the idea of using Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube is completely foreign. Even though most gutter companies are aware that using Social Media is important to establishing a brand online, it’s not always clean exactly WHAT they should be doing, or HOW they should be doing it.

These social media platforms carry a lot of authority and trust across the internet. Google knows that sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube can be trusted to provide relevant information about local businesses (in fact, YouTube is owned by Google). Gutter companies that have a presence on these platforms send signals to Google that their business is legitimate, which can translate into higher rankings in organic search – which ultimately means more leads. Google expects your brand to be represented the same way everywhere on the internet.

Using social media platforms can extend the marketing reach of your gutter company to more potential customers, either via advertising or informational posts. Now this doesn’t necessarily mean that you should be posting pictures of your home gutter projects to Instagram, but it does mean that you need to be aware of how social media influences your customers’ buying decisions.

Facebook & Twitter for Gutter Companies

Arguably two of the most powerful websites on the internet, Facebook and Twitter provide great space to interface with gutter customers who prefer social media. Posting regularly to these platforms tells Google that your company is legitimate and active.

Facebook in particular allows businesses to create specific pages for their gutter business, and lets customers provide reviews and interface directly with the company itself. As a gutter company, make sure you create your own listing that you have control over, and update your logo, contact information, and gutter services that you provide. You can also use Facebook to advertise using Pay Per Click (PPC) ads, which is extremely effective and targeted.

A good place to start on both of these platforms is to post regularly about any blog content on your website, or simply link to other articles that provide tips and tricks for home gutters. You can also post photos of recent gutter jobs to tell potential customers you can do the same for them.

YouTube for Gutter Companies

As you probably are already aware, YouTube is owned by Google. This means that Google really likes when you use YouTube to advertise your gutter business.

The first thing you need to do is create or claim a YouTube account for your business. This can be done with any Gmail account, but you should create a Google profile/email specifically for your business.

Create and upload a profile video for your gutter business. This can be a short, 40-80 second video that simply explains your gutter services, a little bit about your business, and contact information. You can have these videos created quickly and affordably on websites like Fiverr or Upwork.

Embed the video on the homepage of your website. Not only can customers find out information quickly about your gutter business, but Google will recognize the video embed and it can improve on-page SEO for gutter search terms.

Using Google My Business as a Gutter Company

While not technically a social media platform, Google My Business is a directory created by Google in order to catalog local businesses. It also gives businesses the opportunity to interface with customers through review management, photos, regular posting, offers, events, and more. All of this information shows up on the Knowledge Panel which displays directly on Google.

As a gutter company, you can use Google My Business to post about special offers that you might have (e.g. 20% OFF new gutter installations in the month of May!) or to respond to Google Reviews, both positively and negatively.

You can read a lot more about how to create, verify, and optimize your Google My Business listing for your gutter business here.

Gutter Company Social Media Management

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