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Schure Consulting can help make the dreams of your company a reality as a professional Denver, Colorado logo design company. Professional logo design is rooted in design principles and trends, and there is a lot more that goes into than just slapping some text on to an image. A logo can define how customers view your business right out of the gate.

Creating the right logo for your business is important to get a good first impression from customers. A good logo design company will utilize colors, symbols, and spacing to create the correct brand for your business.

In addition to using the right colors, you want to make sure that the logo conveys your industry and also the personality of your business. For example, mowing or lawn service companies typically use greens to convey landscaping or grass. A painting company might use brush strokes on the text or to accent the logo to convey painting.

All of this said, professionalism is something that you want to convey right up front. Customers tend to trust companies that have modern, clean logos that don’t look cheap or homemade. If you logo is low-quality or dated, it instantly gives off a negative impression to customers.

Logos to Define your Brand

A logo sometimes can be a definitive statement about your brand, and you want your company to be instantly recognizable by the logo. You need to have a logo that both represents your brand, but is also simple and triggers instantaneous recognition.

Always remember too that a logo can be changed or updated as the needs or services of your business change. It can take a long time to establish a brand, so don’t think you can create the Nike swoosh right from the start.

For a local business that needs a logo in Denver, there are a few important things you need to convey with your logo:

  • Professionalism
  • Quality
  • Local Service

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Quality is Important for Denver Logo Creation

One of the biggest mistakes that business owners make when they create their logo is using clip art or low-quality images in the logo. When you create a logo, there are a couple simple things that should be done:

Make sure your logo is in vector format. Vector formats allow you to take your logo and resize it for any size without losing quality – whether the logo is an icon for an app on a phone screen or pasted on the side of a building. Vector formats use mathematics to draw the text and images, and can scale to any size.

Use clearly legible fonts. Serif fonts are becoming less and less popular simply because they are more difficult to read at a glance. In addition, make sure that your font spacing doesn’t smash the letters together too much. Outlining fonts tends to be a bad idea since it can muddle the letters.

Have multiple color schemes for your logo. Your logo will need to appear in a lot of different places. You’ll need our logo to appear on light backgrounds, dark backgrounds, in print, on a phone or computer screen, and more. Make sure you have versions of your logo that can accommodate a lot of different settings.

Have multiple sizes and orientations of your logo. In addition to colors, you will likely need different orientations for your logo. For example, an app icon requires a small, square logo while a website header might require a wider, stacked version. Make sure your logo is versatile and adaptable.

Using Colors in Denver Logo Design

One of the big mistakes that many people make with a logo is that they try to fit too much into the logo. You have to remember that this logo needs to be able to go in a lot of places, from the door to your business to the side of a service van, contracts, paperwork, business cards, shirts, and so on.

If the logo is too complicated or uses too many lines, it can be difficult to see, read, or recognize from a distance. In addition, printing in many different colors or gradients can cost exponentially more money or may not even be possible in the case of apparel or signage.

For this reason, you want to make sure that you have a logo that can be easily readable, and printable in full color, one-color, two-color, or whatever variant that you need it in. While many colors can be fine for digital marketing, you will need variations of the logo for many different uses.

Some of the features you need to consider when creating a professional logo are:

  • Font Style
  • White Space
  • Colors
  • Gradients
  • Outlines
  • Depth
  • Images

Utilizing all of these factors can play an important role in how your logo appears in all of the different places you need it to. In addition, the size and quality requirements for logos can vary greatly depending on where and how they need to be used. For example, your logo on the side of a cardboard box will be different than a logo in the header of a website.

Ultimately, you want your logo to be quickly identified by customers and associated with your company and brand no matter where or how it appears.

Find the Best Denver Logo Design Company

The best logo design companies will not only have a strong creative team behind the creation of a logo, but understand all of the different mediums that a logo needs to appear in. When you’re looking for a Denver logo creation company, you want a company that understands marketing front to back.

Schure Consulting has been designing logos for use in print and digital marketing for many years, and knows how and where to pair strong brand creation with marketing efforts from website design and email marketing to business cards and packaging.

Schure Consulting is recognized as one of the top website design companies in Denver for local businesses, and we know how to catapult your dream into a reality. Contact us today to learn more about our logo creation and digital marketing services!

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