Local Citation Management

You’re probably asking yourself what a Citation even is? The simple explanation is that a Citation is when your Local Business is listed on the web. Pretty simple. But this is one of the most important steps to get properly noticed on the search engines.

A lot of Local Business owners don’t know where to properly list their businesses, how many times they need to do it, or where to go to find out where the competition is listed. This can be a very tedious, time consuming process that if not done 100% correct, can derail any Local Businesses SEO efforts as well as their web presence.

Citing your business can be done through somewhere such as the Yellow Pages, although you probably don’t want to pay for that kind of marketing (hint – it’s very costly, and not worth the bang for your buck). Most citation companies also promise you the world and then don’t deliver, leading you to expect results while you will most likely look back in a couple months saying ‘Where did my money go’?

Here at Schure Consulting, we want to make sure you are listed in the proper places on the Web. That’s why we subscribe to the best software to find out who is competing for your customers. How many times is the next Carpet Cleaning company listed on the web? How many Local Citation listings do you need to get on the Google Map Searches, and get more calls coming to your business? Moreover, is each Local Listing done the right way, with your Name, Address, and Phone number all listed properly on each site? ​

We can help you with this. Fortunately, our customers have been listed correctly all over the Internet, so they are getting leads from customers who visit their own website, as well as other websites where the business is properly listed. 

If you’re a Local Business owner, and you’re not quite sure if you’ve been listed on the web at all, or if you’re unsure if it was ever done right, we can help you. If you’re a New Business, and need to have someone take over your Local Citation Services, we can help you. If you own a company that provides a Limo Service, Carpet Cleaning Service, Roofing Service, Contracting Service, Concrete Service, Moving and Relocation Service, Lawn & Garden Service, Tree Trimming & Removal Service, or any other Service based Local Business, we want to help you secure your Internet presence. 

We care about results, and know that listing your business correctly on the web leads to that. It’s just a piece of the SEO puzzle.

Give Schure Consulting a call today at 970-305-5940 to discuss our Local Citation Service packages.