About Schure Consulting
in Fort Collins CO

Schure Consulting is a family owned business founded in Fort Collins, Colorado in June of 2014. Colan and Galen Scheidenhelm have immersed themselves in the world of Internet Marketing so they can help local businesses succeed in a very competitive environment. We understand that your business is your baby, and that your life’s work is something you want to succeed in a very big way.

Since that fateful day in June where we decided to take a leap, we’ve helped many Local Businesses grow their revenue by employing time-tested web development and SEO marketing strategies. We’ve also built and grown our own Local Business because of some amazing mentors that we have met along the way. Our mentors have taught us to make with value, set proper expectations, and have the confidence that it takes to help your business succeed well into the future. Need resources?

We base our own business around guaranteeing two things: Customer Service and Results.

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Fort Collins Marketing Services

Check out our different services below, and let us know how you would like to grow your local business. If you’d rather speak to us in person, give us a call at 970-305-5940, or complete the contact form above, and we’ll hit you back ASAP!

You won’t see any gimmicks or claims on our website.

We don’t make any promises like ‘We’ll get your website to the first page in Google, guaranteed’, or ‘We’ll double your income in just one month, click here to see how!’ That’s just not our style.

What you might see are some videos displaying what matters: proof of what we can do for your local business online. There is no one stop shop solution for online marketing, and anyone who promises you there is, isn’t worth the time of day.

We’ll give you an honest assessment of your website and online presence, and will work with you to form a comprehensive and clear plan of action to take it to the next level.

Customer Service

How many times have you hired someone for a job and not received the type of customer service that you are personally accustomed to giving? When you pay for something, you want to make sure that you not only get results, but that you are receiving follow up above and beyond what you expect.

That’s one of our top goals here at Schure Consulting. When we started helping our first local business in the summer of 2014, we asked them to tell us what their most important attribute of working with someone else was. Their answer? You guessed it, a business that offers superior client service, is able to troubleshoot problems, and most importantly, listens to what Local Business Owners are saying. We vow that we won’t fall off the face of the Earth after our business has grown over the next few years. Our follow up will be consistent, and we will make sure that your Internet Marketing wishes are always met.


When you pay for a service, you may not always be pleased with the results. Well, we guarantee them. If there’s ever an Internet Marketing company that says they guarantee that your business will be plastered all over the first page of Google, simply pack up your things and walk away. That may be our goal, but nobody can guarantee that, as the Internet is a tricky place! When we guarantee results, our guarantee is that you will achieve results from our efforts. Everything else is just gravy.

Your business thrives off of one thing, reaching and retaining Customers. Print advertising may in fact bring you new clients, but it won’t leave a lasting footprint that you can rely on. You will have to keep spending money on something that can be crumpled up, thrown away, and forgotten. When you invest in your Internet Marketing, you are guaranteed that you will have entities that will last the test of time, and keep producing those results, helping you to build your company to lengths you have only dreamed of.